When conflict occurs in the workplace it can translate into visible and hidden costs:  decision-making boggs down, morale is diminished, productivity is hampered, turnovers increase, and implementing change becomes a greater challenge.

As the community’s leader in conflict resolution, The Mediation Center has provided training and facilitation services to Lincoln’s public and private sector for more than 15 years.  TMC’s team has extensive experience developing conflict management strategies and dispute resolution techniques uniquely designed for the workplace.

Customized Conflict Management Training

The Mediation Center offers customized training curriculums that expose community organizations, corporate teams, businesses, and agencies to the tools needed for successful conflict management and resolution.  Customized training can be anything from a brief luncheon presentation on conflict and communication skills to a week-long training on communication, conflict management, team building, and mediation skills.  The educational process can be adjusted and modified to meet your organization’s specific educational goals, learning objectives, and needed outcomes. 

Curriculum and materials for each training session are individually designed to meet the needs of your organization.  A typical 2-day training will include:

  • Understanding the high cost of conflict
  • Developing awareness of self and others
  • Approaches to conflict and root causes
  • Communication skills to deal with conflict productively
  • Understanding neutrality and bias
  • Basics of cultural and generational awareness
  • Strategies for preventing conflict through planning
  • Clarification and gathering information
  • How to maximize information exchange
  • Managing reactions
  • Tips for dealing with people who are upset
  • Interest based negotiation
  • The spectrum of models of intervention
  • Tips for facilitating agreements
  • Review of real life situations
  • Other information as requested

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