Facilitation encourages a collaborative process that is responsive to stakeholders and helpful when discussing and dealing with tough issues. Whether the agenda contains contentious issues or just complex decision making, discussions benefit from the guidance of a skilled facilitator. 


Are You Faced With…

  • Difficult or divisive decisions?
  • Internal strife hampering staff performance?
  • Strategies not proceeding as planned?
  • Tough decisions allocating resources?
  • Inter-departmental conflicts?
  • Endlessly debating issues?
  • Complex transition planning?


Do You Need To…

  • Set priorities?
  • Develop timelines?
  • Complete a strategic planning process?
  • Accomplish large scale changes?
  • Exchange information?
  • Develop an organizational plan?
  • Formulate organizational policy?


Our professionals can help

The complexity of group processes, the intricacy of group dynamics, and the hyper-stimulation of multiple voices and issues demand a facilitator who has well-honed process skills.  A facilitated process is structured to accommodate discussion within a group of any size.


A meeting or discussion guided by our comprehensively trained and experienced facilitators will:

  • Provide an environment conducive to having difficult discussions
  • Help bring diverse perspectives toward a shared understanding of a situation
  • Develop constructive ways to interact
  • Focus on outcomes that serve the best interests of all concerned
  • Assist you to develop an action plan


The Mediation Center has a strong program of skilled staff and affiliates to meet the facilitation, consultation, and conflict management needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes, as well as federal, state, and local government entities. 


Our facilitators are experienced, highly-trained neutral third parties who assist all participants in communicating clearly, clarifying issues and interests, exploring options, and reaching consensus.  Facilitators control the process, not the content, and have no authority to render a judgment or influence any substantive decision making.


To discuss the value of a facilitated meeting to your organization and receive an estimate of the time and expense required to address your needs, please contact The Mediation Center.

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