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Imagine that your conflicts can end with mutually agreed upon solutions!


The Mediation Center was established in Lincoln in 1992 as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing all individuals in Lancaster County the opportunity to access professional mediation services regardless of their ability to pay.  The Mediation Center is the only non-profit organization in the Lincoln community where efforts are devoted exclusively to the resolution of conflict.


One of six community mediation centers across the state of Nebraska, The Mediation Center is approved and regulated by the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution under the jurisdiction of the Nebraska Supreme Court.


Each year the Center serves hundreds of people whose lives are challenged by difficulties like poverty, violence, divorce, eviction, property violations, foster care placement, substance abuse, and much more.


Mediators facilitate "difficult" conversations and can help when:

  • Emotions have become intense
  • There are multiple issues in dispute
  • Misperceptions are hindering productive exchanges
  • Communication between the disputing parties has deteriorated
  • The parties have been unable to resolve the dispute using other methods

Affiliated Mediators

More than 50 extensively trained, highly skilled mediators are affiliated with the Center.  These individuals come from all professions, backgrounds, experiences, and cultural communities.

The Center maintains knowledgeable, experienced mediators by requiring intensive, skills-based training, a period of apprenticeship, continuing education, and ongoing evaluation by their peers and Center staff.

610 J Street, Suite 100
Lincoln, NE 68508